Monday, July 22, 2013

Morning Zucchini Harvest and Coffee

The sunflowers are relatively twelve or thirteen feet high. The poppies are showing their mid-Summer color. Our burgeoning ball zucchini and okra plants just popped up to say hello to me this morning. Much to E's excitement, his tomato plants are weighed down with the promise of sun-warmed, ripe tomatoes in the coming weeks. And, although I know the summer squashes are hella easy to grow and - grow they do - it still amazes me each morning when I go to grab a few from the garden how much they grew overnight. I hope I never grow tired of the garden staples, and I hope the thrill of seeing a healthy zucchini hiding under the leaves never wanes.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Bounty of the Northwest

1. Harvesting broccoli.
2. We're not the only ones to put
work into this garden, just the
only ones to take a photo.
3. The other type of Northwest bounty.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Of a Quiet Eve

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately. With the veggies needing to be harvested almost on a daily basis, friends coming to town to visit, the holiday, and my still incapacitated left arm I haven't had much time to pick up a camera. But E left yesterday to go to sea, and most of the roommates are gone, so Gypsy and I actually had a quiet evening on the farm tonight. We took a walk, weeded the garden, harvested the kale and broccoli, then jumped in the bird pen for some twilight bonding time. Since we were in no rush and able to take our time I brought the camera along.

1. the eyes that bewitch everyone.
2. this is Claudia. the baby hen of my heart.
3. not so little ducklings.
4. trusting little creature.
5. the biggest chicken.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Just so you guys know, this blog post is being dictated to my dear friend/roommate Ritchie, due to breaking my collarbone and typing with one hand really sucks! Yes, I too, thought I was invincible but alas mortals can break bones, which still doesn't explain how I broke mine.  Other then my unfortunate fall and the past five days of house arrest, work on the Lillywood Farm is BOOMING! E has been at sea more days than he has been home, and the garden will not stop putting out huge ass amounts of kale. I will update you guys on my healing, Eric's ventures at home and sea, Ritchie's horrific grammer (sp)?, and garden production in the near future. Meanwhile all I can offer you is a very nice photo of a Mexican Spotted Owl and a kick ass video of Pacific White-sided Dolphins bow riding Ritchie's boat.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Double Ghetto Brewing

Yes, you read that correctly. Double. Ghetto. Brewing. Don't ask. Well actually, that's your prerogative. Ask away! What the hell is that? I'm glad you asked. Double Ghetto Brewing in the potential controversial name of E's newest obsession - home beer brewing. It consumes most of his time when he's on land. But unlike his other hobbies, at least I get to benefit from the outcome. We don't sell anything. We only drink it ourselves - so we don't risk killing or infecting the population (just kidding, it's pretty good!) Essentially, anyone who's out at the farm that day is a part of DGB - whether they like it or not. It's silly, a little sketchy, and very alcoholic - just like us.

Bottling the "Cootie Free? Oatmeal Stout."
Our latest promo photo.
Spruce tips for our friend Brad's Spruce Bud Brew.
The spruce bud pale boiling.
A man and his toys.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Truly Incredible... unbelievably quickly the tiny little specks of nothing you put in the ground grow into full fledged plants. Just a few short weeks ago we finally transplanted all the little starts from the greenhouse into the garden. And since this picture was taken they've tripled in size. It's really pretty amazing.
What's also amazing (-ly difficult) is that we (by that I mean ME) have had to come to terms with what it means to raise and be responsible for the lives of little farm animals. In an attempt to give our chicks and ducks as much roaming room as possible we've let them become easy prey for the hungry raccoons and coyotes that make these woods their home. Even since putting them up every night in an enclosed pen, they still get snatched. It seems the daylight brings only a false sense of security. So we've resorted to building  a very large, fully enclosed pen where they will live day and night. It takes away their unlimited roaming capabilities, but at least they'll keep their feathers.
*I promise to bring more pictures for you the next time I post. It's been a little hectic here with E getting on a boat every other day, but I'll try to be better about having the camera with me!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Under the Washington Sun

1. seriously dope kitty
2. magical baby plants in the greenhouse
3. seriously, the greenhouse is covered
4. gypsy in the sun
5. a big fat hen where she shouldn't be

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Light and the Dark

In lieu of photos this rainy Saturday evening I thought I'd offer you words. So I wrote a poem just between me and you. Happy Saturday.

In days it seeps like the stiff wind beneath the sails
on a rising tide.
In the offing the light fails.
Of a crevice, murmuring in the distance
crawls forth the darkness.
Shadows emerge, taking advantage of the instance.
In what hollow, on what dimly lit shore
does the light retreat to?
But waiting ever still, it breaks like a candle's flame behind a door.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adventures in Dog Sitting

For the past week and a half I've been taking care of Chad's - a friend of ours' - dogs. They are all three very large, but the most loving scary looking pups anyone could ask for. They'll give you a good howl if you want - thanks to their mother being a bit wolf-y, they'll rub against you until they knock you over, but then they look at you with these really golden, sharp eyes - and you know that they love you...or want to eat your face.
Gypsy has grown up with these guys and has nestled into a very nice annoying little sister roll. Even as a tiny pup she never once quavered at these mighty beasts or shied away - she walked right up to them and started barking at their noses and gnawing on their feet - and it's been as such ever since.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time to Spare

With E's job, time is both your friend and your enemy. As of right now - it is a friend. E has not had to set foot on a boat since got here; therefore, we've had a lot of leisure time. For me it means time for cooking and baking, jaunts to Astoria with him, and a sense of peace. For E it means he's running around all day every day like a madman - trying to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this down time. For days he's been getting up seriously early and going fishing on the Columbia River with our neighbor. He's been brewing beer, helping me in the garden, kayaking, and generally having a grand ol' time.
In an effort to actually see my husband while he's on land I went with him disc golfing at a newly discovered place in Skamokawa, Washington. It's called Lucky Mud. I highly recommend it if anyone is ever in the area. It's quite a place. We ended up spending all day there because they had a little trouble deciphering the order of the disc golf baskets, and even where they were half the time. Well, you can probably see why.

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